Franchise opportunities are
available throughout Michigan.
We have territories available
throughout Detroit, Lansing,
Kalamazoo, Holland, Muskegon,
Battle Creek, Traverse City, Ann
Arbor and other cities. This is a
home based business
opportunity that allows for
flexible hours and low overhead.
As far as Michigan Franchise
opportunities go, this is one of
the hottest markets available.
“What began as a heartfelt mission to fill a need that was not
being served by our local community, is now being recognized as
prime business opportunity fueled by the fastest growing
demographic in our society.” - Kiran Yocom, Chairwoman

Have you read enough that you want more information about
opening a
Seniors Helping Seniors franchise in your town?

Just fill out the short questionnaire and someone from
Helping Seniors
will contact you to provide you with the answers to
your questions and to see if you would be a good fit for the loving,
caring compassionate community that we are building.

Franchise Opportunities in Michigan
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“The joy of bringing people together...of providing services that are truly needed and
adding support and love to the lives of others...all really fulfills the definition of a
rewarding life. It is truly
...a way to give and to receive.

Become a franchise partner
If you are looking for financial growth and personal satisfaction, join our Seniors
Helping Seniors franchise network.  Become part of one of the fastest growing
service opportunities in the Boomer market.  You will receive substantial rewards for
your bottom line and for your heart.

Growing from one Center to many
Starting as one single woman’s vision in 1998 and now a reality for so many,
Seniors Helping Seniors
in-home services vividly demonstrates we truly can
do well by doing good.

Seniors Helping Seniors non-medical home services are given by loving, caring,
compassionate seniors who truly understand what it means to be aging. These older
adults provide both the physical and emotional help seniors need to live
independently in their own homes with dignity and respect.

A growing demographic
People 85+ are the fastest growing age group in the US and over half of them need
some level of personal care. The number of people who need help continues to
expand rapidly; and as the population continues to age, the growing demand for
Seniors Helping Seniors business becomes even more evident.

The U.S. Department of Labor predicts that very soon, 54 percent of our work force
will be involved in caring for an older person.  You can probably list the people you
know personally, right now, who are faced with the challenges and concerns of
caring for an aging parent.

Relieve the day-to day stress of overwhelmed families
Not only does Seniors Helping Seniors services provide valuable support for
seniors, we also relieve the day-to-day stress on overwhelmed family members. To
meet this growing demand we continue to recruit more senior helpers who benefit
personally from receiving additional income as well as from the rewards of helping.

Seniors Helping Seniors in-home services is in the right place at the right time.  
There is no doubt we are positioned for exciting growth.  All the members of our
management team have many years of experience providing exactly the kind of
service seniors and their families need.  We know how to manage the operations of
the Seniors Helping Seniors business effectively and how to successfully build a
strong franchise community.

For you, this means easy entry into your market and a high-level of ongoing
support.  You will get the know-how you need to get started and to create a
dynamic business.

Find out more about whether you can qualify to be a franchise partner and start a
center in your town. Email us or fill in the contact form.

There's very little in life that
can be as rewarding as
starting a Seniors Helping
center in your area.

This is truly
The Power of
— the gifts we give come
back to us in multiples by
bringing us joy, peace,
happiness and fulfillment in
ways we could never imagine.

Contact us and together we
will explore whether or not this
is the right opportunity for you
and if you have the heart we
are looking for.”
Kiran Yocom
Seniors Helping Seniors

“Being a part of Seniors
Helping Seniors Services
gives me the opportunity to
do well and to do good.”

- Sharon Santoni,
Regional Owner
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